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How to make Fake pages

In this tutorial i will tell u how to make a fake login page of yahoo mail.

first of all open yahoo mail and in file menu there is save button and save it as complete page

u will get a html file and a folder which contains some files also [jpeg gif]

now we will change the login script of this page and upload it on any webpage hosting site .there are too many but i use , in this tutorial bcz this support php login. and thats the main thing for make it working

make a account there and upload all the files of that folder which u get after saving that webpage abt 7-8 files they are

now open that page u saved of yahoo mail right click on it and View Source
a notpad will open full with html. dont worry just search the files name u have in folder like "ma_mail" "bnr_28" u will see the path of the file like this


u just need to change it with the file u upload urself


do that will all files.

now u need that folder Bang! Bang!

this folder contain some files which used to make a fake login page

upload logo , login.php and 123456 file too.

in view source notpad search for "action"

u will get like this


just change it too login.php file path


save that notpad and upload that yahoo mail page too which source u edited.

thats ur fake page ready to use

just make others too login there and u will get the pass in 123456.html page u uploaded in ur account and ip too

hope u get what i said :blah: coz i m not good in english like vit lmao

and one thing more in this way u can make fake page of any login page like orkut and other social sites
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