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Corel WordPerfect Office X4

Corel® WordPerfect® Office X4 – Standard Edition is the essential office suite for home and business users to create great-looking documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and manage e-mail. Open, edit and save Microsoft® Office documents. Save hundreds with the built-in PDF tools. Take notes and collect and reuse information, ideas and images from virtually anywhere with a new digital notebook. Also includes data analysis software to get insight from your data and online services to help you stay connected.

• Work with Microsoft® Office users. Easily open, edit and create Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Excel® and Microsoft® PowerPoint® files.*
• File Compatibility. Open new and old files with broad support for over 60 file formats, including current open standards such as OOXML and ODF. In fact, open older Microsoft files that even Microsoft Office 2007 can't open.
• Choose Your Work Environment. Are you new to WordPerfect Office? Use the Workspace Manager to automatically adopt the familiar keystrokes and menus of Microsoft Office.
• Open Document Format (ODF). Open and edit ODF word-processing files, the ISO-standard for storing and archiving documents.
• Windows Vista® and Windows® XP Support. Work with the latest Microsoft operating systems.

• More Built-in PDF Capabilities. Adobe® Acrobat® not required. Turn your documents, spreadsheets and presentations into PDFs to share with anyone — without having to download or buy additional software.
• PDF Import. Access and reuse PDF content directly in WordPerfect X4 Standard or Pro edition. Simply import the PDF, work with the text and graphics, then save the file to a wide variety of formats*.
• New! Import Image-Based PDFs. With WordPerfect Office X4 Standard and Pro editions, you can easily reuse text by converting PDF files - even scanned, image-based PDFs - into editable text.
• New! Password Protection. Control who can view, copy, edit or print your work by adding a password to a PDF you create in WordPerfect Office X4 Standard, Pro or Home & Student edition.
• New! Tagged PDF Support. Ensure that the PDFs you create in WordPerfect Office X4 Standard, Pro or Home & Student edition can be read by devices for the visually impaired, meeting government accessibility standards.
• New! Support for PDF/A. Easily archive files to meet ISO standards. PDF/A, the de facto archiving format, is a subset of PDF that excludes features that are not suited to long-term archiving, such as external document linking.
• PDF File Size Options. The PDFs you create in WordPerfect Office X4 Standard, Pro or Home & Student edition can be output to a variety of media, including the Web, email or print. Tailor file size and printing resolution options to best suit the platform on which your work will be viewed.

New Online Services
• New! WordPerfect Lightning - Web-connected digital notebook
* Take notes and gather information from multiple sources, including the Web, email and other documents
* Open and view PDFs, WordPerfect and Microsoft® Word files with the Viewer component
* Organize your ideas and documents with the familiar folder structure of the Navigator component
* Get a FREE 200 MB online storage account plus other online services
• Connect online. Communicate with free online tools directly from WordPerfect Office X4
• Corel® Visual Intelligence™ SE† – Let the numbers tell your story.Data analysis software
* Turn complex spreadsheets and databases into easy-to-interpret charts and graphs
* Identify the trends in your data and filter results to zero-in on important information
• WordPerfect® MAIL – Change your outlook on email. Full-featured email. Send and receive email messages, keep track of appointments and tasks, manage your contacts, and rest easy knowing you're covered by top-class spam protection.
• Rapid search. Lighting-fast searches of your Inbox, calendar, contacts and even attachments help find information in record time. Plus, get the latest news from your favorite Web sites with RSS feeds displayed right in your Inbox.

Top reasons to try WordPerfect Office X4:
1. Do more with words, numbers and ideas. WordPerfect Office is filled with unique and easy-to-use features that will make your time spent on the computer more productive – and more enjoyable.
2. See how easy it is to work with Microsoft® Office Users. With WordPerfect Office X4 you can open, edit and create Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Excel® and Microsoft® PowerPoint® documents.*
3. Test drive the built-in PDF tools. Open, edit and create PDFs without purchasing any additional software.* And now you can even open scanned PDFs and access the content!
4. Connect online with a new web-connected digital notebook, and or use the new tools like online storage and online calendars directly from WordPerfect Office X4.
5. Work in a familiar, comfortable environment. Easily find the menus and tools you need. Use the WorkSpace Manager to switch to Microsoft Office mode if that's your preference. You can even customize your menus, shortcut keys and toolbars.

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