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Jack Keane Adventure

Jack Keane Adventure - Shaify Mehta

Who exactly is this Jack Keane, you ask? Well, he's a ruggedly handsome nineteenth-century ship captain who, despite his tough exterior, can be slightly clumsy and insecure at times. He comes from London, or so he thinks, having grown up an orphan. One day, Jack is given the task of fetching a secret agent from Cape Town and taking him to a strange and mysterious island somewhere in the Indian Ocean. Being low on funds and owing money to certain shady thugs in London, he accepts the job without asking any more questions. Jack heads off to Cape Town to pick up this secret agent, and on his way, he meets an alluring woman named Amanda, who happens to be destined for the very same island that Jack and the agent are heading to. At first, Amanda acts as an adversary in your quest, but as the story progresses, she becomes a valuable ally, becoming a second playable character at various points (as directed by the game itself, rather than the player) during the game. So enjoy this game that's not due out until April 18 '08 in the USA. More quality warez brought to you by Opus.

System Requirements
* Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista
* Pentium IV 2 GHz / Athlon 2.4 GHz
* 512 MB RAM
* 1.5 GB hard-disk capacity
* DirectX 9.0c-compatible graphic card with 128 MB RAM (MX series and XGI Volari are not supported)
* DirectX 9.0c-compatible keyboard and mouse
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