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xHacker Pro 3.0 -LEAKED- 100% Undetectable

Exterminator: That is a completely new way to totally STOP or UNINSTALL any antivirus or firewall software. Exterminator lets you do the same actions that the uninstaller do. Exterminator currently supports: Disable, Stop, Uninstall services, Terminate Process, Close Window, Delete File, Shell program, extract and run registry entry. Exterminator is a total solution, it currently supports McAfee 2007 and Norton 2006. But you can make your own Exterminator Actions File (XAF) and save them to use anytime, you can even bind XAF files to make a bigger one with support for more AVs and FWs. Exterminator is a really revolution in AV and FW killing methods.
FTP Server: New plug-in for xHacker server. Allows you to easily connect to the victim system via FTP which will extremely enhance the file management. allows you download, upload, browse from any location in victim system.
Windows Firewall Manager: Allows you to manage the Windows Firewall. Add, Remove, Edit exceptions.
Macro: A major feature added to the fun. allows you to record any events on your or your victim computer, and then replay them on your or victim’s system. That allows you to perform really complex or funny actions. You will make sure of how that will be useful when you think carefully in it, or much easily by seeing the included examples in “Macro” folder in the client directory.
Multi web-cam support: Now Live Spy allows you to capture from a specific device or web-cam. the new feature is tested and stable.
ActiveX startup: Now you can choose between normal startup method, or the ActiveX startup method, which is usually hidden from most startup managers.
Environment Variables: Now in the Server Builder you can choose server installation directory, and you can use Environment variables also, so the install location may be something like: %MyDocuments%\SystemFiles or %ProgramFiles%\Yahoo!. The environment variables are also included in the Exterminator, so you can choose-for example-to delete %ProgramFiles%\McAfee\Something.exe.
New Look: The interface of the client has been changed now, it is now re-made using categorized tabs, which allows you to manage the client much more faster and easier. Also a small bug in the skinning method with the labels is now fixed, this bug was that the labels in the skin mode were always colored white, that is fixed now and the labels text color is now changed with the skin.
Warn : Use it with all your Own Risk
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