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How to Identify Fake Torrents

Did you know that MPAA and RIAA are always setting traps for pirates to get caught of downloading copyright materials? I didn't know that until I read one article from TorrentFreak. The anti-piracy organizations can easily trace you when they upload a very popular .torrent file to some popular torrent tracker site. When you download the .torrent file and load it, your bittorrent client will start connecting to the anti-piracy organizations trackers. That's when they record your IP address and can possible get in touch with you for downloading copyrighted materials!

This is a very scary trap because I know a lot of people who knows how to download from bittorrent but don't know anything about peer, leecher, tracker and etc... In short, they don't know how bittorrent works but they know that by waiting for days, the download will complete and they get what they want.

Here's how you can know if the Torrent or Tracker is fake.

Fenopy has created a Fake Finder page that lists the most popular fake torrents and the latest fake trackers. It also allows you to search for fake torrents by keyword or infohash.

How to Identify Fake Torrents - Shaify Mehta

I took a look at the whole list of all fake torrents and the filename looks pretty real. There's no way you can know whether the torrent is fake or not unless it's listed on Fenopy Fake Finder list.

If you're using uTorrent, here's how to check which tracker are you connecting to.
How to Identify Fake Torrents - Shaify Mehta

After loading torrent file to your bittorrent client, look at the "General" tab and you'll see "Tracker URL".

If the tracker URL is listed on Fenopy Fake Finder, please, don't even start downloading it!

I didn't write the tutorial, greetz to writer

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