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Hacking Password Protected Pages [With Pictures]

webmaster protect pages with passwords to make sure that only those people who have got valid passwords can see them!

but, we can see those password protected pages by bruteforcing!

in this case we are taking the help of a tool named as "Webcracker"

This article simply teaches on "How to Use Webcracker" tO enter password protected pages!

Lets start,

1:first find a password protected page:

For this example, we are taking this Url:

Its a password protected page so, in order to crack its password we need the tool "Webcracker"

Here is the download link to download "Webcracker"

Description OF "Webcracker":


This program exploits a rather large hole
in web site authentication methods.
Password protected websites can be
easily brute-force hacked, because there is
no set limit on the number of time an
incorrect password or User ID can be tried.

Web Cracker was designed for Web Masters
to test the vulnerability of their own
sites. It SHOULD NOT be used by unauthorized
persons to hack into web sites. Such
use is ILLEGAL and could have SEVERE PENALTIES.
Neither myself nor anyone involved
with the development of Web Cracker will be
liable for the misuse of this program.
Use Web Cracker ONLY at your own risk,
ONLY for lawful purposes, and ONLY on your own
web site.

Now, lets start:

1.Download webcracker from the link given above

2.start webcracker

3.See the picture for help on "How to use"

Hacking Password Protected Pages [With Pictures] - Shaify Mehta

look at the picture carefully!

1.Enter the location of the "username" File
2. Enter the location of the "password" file
3. Enter the password protected "url".

Click the start button below the file menu:

Now, give it some time to crack the username/password for you!

it will take time depending on the complexity of the password!

After some time, you will most likely be receiving a message Screen like this:

Hacking Password Protected Pages [With Pictures] - Shaify Mehta

Now, just copy the username and password from the list [the one which is showing a resutl of 200 Ok]

open the page in your browser and you were In

Happy H4cking!

This article is only meant for educational purpose - Dont misuse it!

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